March 4, 2020

Tools don’t


The tools don’t do the job for you, the won’t do the job for you, and no amount of choosing and honing better or other or newer or faster or more fashionable will do the job for you. They are tools that get used to do the job. They are tools that you’ve chosen to help you do your job. They will not do it for you.

They job? Management.

Management? Actions taken to build, maintain, develop or do some other thing that you’ve decided is the thing that needs doing. For the moment, forget the actual thing and focus on the actions part.

Actions taken, by managers, sometimes with tools.

Actions taken, by managers, to some end.

Actions taken, by managers.

Tools won’t do the sweeping. You have to take the action.

Skippy strategy: Gather your people, agree the plan, and use actions to keep everyone on track.