March 29, 2024

Towards the foothills


With one mini crisis after another it’s normal to spiral into a doom loop. The fear of yet more failure leads to under-commitment leads to lack of buy-in leads to anaemic effort leads to delay and late-stage crisis.


Break the loop.

Forget the mountain.

Head towards the foothills.

Something simple that isn’t about the big trip. An external deadline, something material not critical, something small, eminently deliverable, without our existing capacity and with all the tools in hand.

Most of all, a team effort.

Limit the scope to guarantee the victory.

Create quick wins, ask for ideas, support everything, celebrate every milestone, chivvy for action, build the momentum, shine a light on all that’s good, cheerlead everything all the way.

A small project executed well can reset the mood and kick the flywheel back in the right direction.

Skippy Strategy: Break the cycle with a guaranteed win.