March 23, 2019

Travel together


Change is coming. You’ve decided, with all the best intentions in mind, that there’s something structurally wrong with your team and you need to take action to sort it out. It’s not the people so much as they way they’re organised, poor handoffs and lack of clarity about responsibilities.

Smart manager that you are, you can probably come up with a better scheme. Work out the who and the what and the where of the thing and put the entire plan together. You can launch it to the team and stand back to admire your work.

Or, you  could gather the other leaders in your team, set out the problems you see and ask for their perspective. Then, together, work out what to do about it.

One way is quick, but risks inelegance and push back.

The other ensures a broader plan and buy-in from the team.

Skippy strategy: Travel together.