October 19, 2016

Trouble in the curve


Straight lines are simple. More of the same, predictable, a little fog sometimes so go slow when you have to. A bit of congestion ahead, huh, no rush, we can handle it. All good.

The trouble is in the curves. Two extremes:

– The ones you’re forced to take fast – reacting quickly racks up risk and cost as you’re forced to manoeuvre, take sidesteps and divert down blind alleys. Customers hate emergency curves.

– The ones you’ve planned to take – new routes, new places, new skills, new people. Go slow before you go fast. Leaders love planned curves.

Both kinds: the earlier you see the curve, the more prepared, the faster and smoother the progress.

Shorter: Smooth + planned = good. Hard + emergency = bad.

With customers, shareholders, staff, managers, everyone … early warnings help.

Skippy strategy: As soon as you see the curve … get set.