January 20, 2024

Trust you when


I know you’re full of good intentions. That you’re an honourable person who stands by your word and sticks to your handshake. That you do what you say you’re going to do and live by the spirit rather than the letter – even when that’s worse for you. I know.

Problem is, on the other side of the table, they don’t. They think you’re just like (nearly) every other person they’ve dealt with – someone with a more flexible relationship with their internal dialogue.

They won’t take things on trust. They’ll want to see the small print, the policies and track record. They’ll want things in writing. They’ll only trust you when they see how your promises turn into agreements turn into actions turn into outputs turn into outcomes that deliver on the promise.

And that’s ok. It took you a while to convince yourself too.

Skippy strategy: Build trust their way.