November 27, 2016

Two by four

Barbed Wire

Timed somewhere between a blue moon and once in a while, you’re bound to get hit full-square in the forehead by a two-by-four that knocks you back on your keister in the middle of what looked like a promising road.

Now what?

Pick yourself up, tend your wounds, feel sorry for yourself, close your eyes and charge, or retreat, retreat, retreat?

The only fixed point is the first one. Next, entirely optional, give yourself, oh I don’t know, fifteen seconds for wound tending and sorry feelings. Now some real time to reflect – where were the issues? Diagnosis, prescription, implementation, decision maker, partner, politics, route, other? What’s reusable, what’s good, who else might be interested, who could help, how would that work, is there another way?

In other words, what can you learn? And then, starting here, what’s next?

Skippy strategy: How can you bounce?