January 1, 2019

Two flavours


There’s a natural pace to everything. And for change, that pace is … leisurely. It will change, but in its own good time. It will change, but at a glacial almost imperceptible rate. It will change, but not fast enough for change agents.

Unless … there’s an external stimulus. Which come in two flavours.

Bitter – something went wrong. The positives of the familiar have just been outweighed by the realisation that what we always held to be good enough no longer is. Whether from metal fatigue it broke, or from a speedier competitor it was overwhelmed, change is now urgent.

Sweet – a compelling promise and a reason to act. The promise has to be made from a position of trust and it has to be timed to fit with an agreed agenda (which might just be a bitter pill just swallowed).

Skippy strategy: Your job … earn trust, speak the sweet language.