November 21, 2018

Two key thoughts


Everyone needs to know how they’re doing. To make the assessment though, you need two key thoughts to hand:

The destination – without knowing where you’re going it’s impossible to assess any kind of progress. Objectives need to be specific: numbers, locations, dimensions, quantities, qualities, actual things you can achieve and can verify.

The plan – without first agreeing a route it’s impossible to assess how progress is going and whether you’re ahead or behind schedule. Plans need to be specific: who will do what, using which resources, by when. What are the key stages, what are the milestones, what are the intermediate deliverables?

With those in mind: how far have we travelled towards the destination, and how well has the plan mapped out? Has everyone done what they agreed to do? If not, why? And has it worked out? If not, adjust.

Skippy strategy: Everyone, always … how are we doing?