October 4, 2016

Two kinds of cabbages


There’s more to negotiating than standing toe to toe barking out demands. Most times, when things are serious and both sides have much to gain, there’s a subtle dance of chase and counter – one side hints, the other is direct, someone worries they’ve gone too far, the other worries their signs were missed. Things go quiet, then rush, then nothing, then something.

It’s normal.

Then, the way it’s supposed to work, it’s time for the reckoning.

Terms are talked. The deal is trying to be struck. Everyone’s in the ballpark and it’s about getting specific.

The problems come when the signs were missed. When the ballpark is way over the horizon and everyone’s feeling miffed.

So leave more obvious clues and point them out.

They might get ignored, and there’s always ways to get lost, but everybody should know what they’re looking for.

Skippy strategy: When there’s two kinds of cabbages, point that out.