July 25, 2018

Two options


When putting something on the market – whether it’s a product, service, person for hire – there are two options.

To fit in the most – this plan is determined by your ability to find, understand and deliver against a clear brief. No muss, no fuss. Work out what hole they buyer is looking to fill, and fit it completely and beautifully. Of course, it’s a rare buyer who understands her needs as well as she should, so the game is in teasing out the specifics and proving that the choice you offer is the safe bet.

To stand out the most – this option is based on your confidence that what you have to offer is loudly and proudly fantastic. You still have to understand and deliver the brief, but the game is as much about your offer as their need. 

Skippy strategy: To fit in, think grey. To stand out, scarlet.