August 27, 2017

Two steps back


There’s an awful lot that becomes routine. Standard operating procedures get embedded in mundanity and attention moves to today’s problems. The world turns and, when nobody’s paying much attention, routines can meander. The way we do things shifts, the bar of acceptable behaviour and performance can change, standards might rise and fall … and all is good with the world.

Until … bang! … it’s not.

Something fractured and no one knows when. The relationship has broken down. The reporting mechanism has fallen out of use. Whatever was working, isn’t, and head scratching is the only diagnostic.

Systems, processes, technology, relationships, partnerships, trust … everything evolves. Understand the evolution and make sure you know what’s happening and where it impacts.

When things go bad … what did we do when it worked? What do we do different now it doesn’t?

Sometimes the best way forwards, is two steps back.

Skippy strategy: Remember what works. Do that.