November 7, 2023

Under support


You deliver a complex proposition. You provide products or services to customers who in turn have complex needs and who never seem to have enough time or resource or inclination to work everything out for themselves. They rely on you, probably more than they should, and sometimes you have no choice but to go the extra mile.

In that context, you have two choices:

– Under-deliver, and find you have to over support.

– Over-deliver, and find you have to under support.

Either way takes more time and resources and inclination than you’d like. Both are priced in.

But which is best?

Under-deliver means emotions can get turned up to eleven and time pressure turned up to Now!

Over-deliver means you become somebody’s best friend.

Hmmm. Choices, choices. Which is the way to skip?

Over deliver, under support: you, your staff and your customers smile.

Skippy strategy: Over deliver.