June 7, 2017

Under the table


Every now and again you just have to get stuck in.

Most times though, you can get away with not.

Most times, it’s someone else’s job – that mess of cabling under the desk that connects you to the world … not your business. If it’s broken, let’s get someone in here to sort it out. And if that means you can’t do your job, well, that’s just the way it is. It’s someone else’s fault and someone else’s problem to fix. Nothing you can do about it, right?

Maybe it’s a delegation thing. You’ve convinced yourself that your position or title or sense of personal worth stops you from digging around down there. Even if it means you suffer, even if it means the project suffers.

But actually, why not?

You’re available, not precious and it isn’t a specialist problem.

Skippy strategy: Dive under the table and sort things out yourself.