May 24, 2018

Unhelpful influence


The problem with position is the power that comes with it.

Of course it’s good to be able to make decisions and put resources in place and set objectives and move things forward. All good stuff.

No, the negative of positional power is the subtlety of unhelpful influence.

When you squash down initiative without meaning to, just by looking the other way at the wrong moment.

When you undermine a debate by weighing in too early. Your reaction pulling everyone else in your direction … before you’ve had the chance to hear about other points on the compass. Points that (shhh!) might have more merit that your ill informed and un-thought through initial reaction.

When you enable an environment with pet projects, sacred cows, partial feedback, vested interests … anything that shuts the shop to a genuine debate around the issues.

Skippy strategy: Use your power to encourage direct and honest debate, not diminish it.