March 24, 2021

Up the mountain


There’s always a process of getting up to speed.

If it’s you, it is what it is – you put as much effort into as you want or the time allows, you learn at your own pace, slowly slowly you understand more and eventually, later than you imagined, you’re up on the plateau with everyone else and can start to make some meaningful contributions. Phew.

If it’s somebody else dragging themselves up the mountain, it’s frustrating, annoying, time sucking, frustrating again, remedial work. It feels like having to go back to basics, base camp, every time on every thing – defining your terms and waiting for them to play catch up.

You can waste energy letting it get to you, or your can accept it as the price of doing whatever kind of business this is.

Skippy strategy: If you need ‘em, you have to wait for ‘em to climb the hill.