May 21, 2021

Useful again


There is a natural tendency toward complexity. What starts simple, over time, morphs into convoluted shapes. As everyone has their say and every thing makes its influence known, as every special case gets coded into the general environment, all the little accommodations are woven in, every permutation considered, every percolation given room to breathe … and the thing … just grows and grows. Next time you turn around you’re surrounded by spaghetti – every strand going from some place to another place, each carefully laid in position way back when – now, all is confusion.

All it takes to break through the complexity is an act of will. To question, not the reason for behind every previous decision, but whether it’s still valid. To remove redundant arguments in turn until you return to the actual point – to make things clearer. To make them actionable.

Skippy strategy: Remove complexity until things become useful again.