November 7, 2017

Waiting game


There are people waiting for you to do what you’ve said you will do.

Sometimes they’re waiting on a big and scary long-term commitment that you’re elbow-deep in delivering, working every hour and pooling every resource to get it done. Sometimes it’s a tiny five-minute detail for you, at the bottom of your to-do list, out of sight and absolutely out of mind.

And they wait.

And without an update (or, happy day!, the delivery) they worry. They worry you’ve forgotten (possible), that you’re struggling (possible), that you’ll miss the deadline (possible), or that you’re busy with other things (possible).

Genuine worries – the kind that you suffer when you’re waiting on someone else. So remove them.

Spend five minutes on an update, or sorting the detail and pushing it through.

Skippy strategy: Don’t make them play the waiting game – it’s not a game to them.