December 4, 2023

We get started


Every plan starts with the planning – and, as voluntary work that sit’s outside of the day-to-day, that’s easy to put off.

So … when we have time, after the holiday, when the product is launched, when everyone’s in, when I get one damn minute to myself, when every possible type of procrastination has been ticked of and lined up and then nicely filed as part of general re-classification process … we’ll sit down and work on the plan.

Or, as we’re all here, we could do it right now.

A pen, some paper, a broad understanding of the context and a half decent view of existing commitments.

If this, then that. If that, then this other thing.

The bones of a vision and a strategy and an operational structure. Of course, not entirely doable, but we’ve started.

Skippy strategy: There’s never the perfect time, so how about we get started today?