December 11, 2017

We’re the same


Customers always want what we’re selling but don’t like the sticker price. They see their own cashflow and profit margins and have no regard for ours. They understand that we have to price in all the elements of cost and allow sufficient profit to make it both worthwhile in the first place and allow for risk – but they don’t like paying for it.

We’re the same.

We squash inventory and look for cheaper suppliers.

We want to hire the amazing sales person but try to shave a bit from her salary and write favourable commission rules.

We understand the new product’s best chance of success is based on longer timelines than we’d like and will lead us down expensive blind alleys – yet we throttle the budget and moan when things go … um … sub-optimally.

Railing against it, we’re railing against nature.

Skippy strategy: Accept it, get over it, deal with it.