January 30, 2016

Whale watching


You can’t see impact but you can see clues: the passing smile, the willingness to take a new turn, the volunteer stepping up, buy-in and buying signals, a new determination, the team, the theme, commitment, effort, sacrifice, creativity. At the other end – a disconnect, inattention, slacking off, failing to engage, playing as one, self centred, careless, unwilling, clock watching, arse covering, dialling it in. And everything in between.

When things happen – success or failure, good or bad, winning or losing, everything in between – like with whales, most of the action happens out of sight. What you see at the surface shows direction and travel (and a little bit of spectacle).

So, do you want to know what’s happening, or are you just taking in the show?

Skippy Strategy: If you really want to know, dive deep and stay under for a long time.