September 7, 2021

What it is

Man Truck

We’ve all been in situations where customers want the impossible.

Impossible in the available time or with the current pot of people or pool of money (on your side or theirs), impossible in the current state of technology, or actually impossible given laws of physics. Some customers don’t care about any of that, they just want what they want.

When that happens – when their hopes and desires run smack into the cliff-wall of reality, you probably think it’s your problem. It’s not. Your job is always to deal with the real world.

Explain and mitigate. Find a win that might not be THE win, but meets an alternative and still compelling objective. If that works, you’re off to the races, if it doesn’t, as lawyers are wont to say, it is what it is.

Find another customer who lives in reality.

Skippy strategy: There’s no choice between fantasy and reality.