January 26, 2017

What matters


Of course it’s important that you deal with the day-to-day of the thing. That on your watch, stuff happens. Tab A gets put into Slot B, consistently, every time, at an reasonable cost and to an acceptable standard. That’s the job.

But what matters isn’t so much the day-to-day at all – that’s just a hygiene factor – what really matters is how you deal with problems. When things don’t happen. When things break or fall apart or someone/thing lets you down. When the old way starts to feel old. When the winning ticket stops performing. When there’s no clear-cut answer or even an obvious question but you handle it all the same.

What matters is how you pick things up and move them on. That you find another level. That you take it in hand and move it on.

Skippy strategy: What matters: moving it on.