June 1, 2021

What they deserve


Every manager understands there’s plenty more to motivation than the salary that gets paid at the end of the month. We all work out that recognition, interesting, meaningful and challenging work, a great group of colleagues, a sense of achievement, agency and responsibility are the intrinsic motivators that define the line between the ones we want to work with and the ones we don’t. We recognise the importance of pay, but get used to talking it down.

Never forget, however, that whilst a good salary never makes an underachiever break through, a poor salary saps the energy from even the most motivated team player.

A fair salary is a hygiene factor, but fail to provide the hygiene and you can expect the environment to become toxic.

When your best and most motivated people don’t get what they deserve, you will.

Skippy strategy: Don’t let you best feel undervalued.