November 3, 2020

What they think


Inside your head, what you think is king. You can make your own mind up, regardless of other people’s opinions or the evidence, you can make your own decisions and play out the fantasy. Outside your head, other people ideas have traction, and science and data take over. It’s not about what you think it’s about what we think and what they think. It’s not about hunches, it’s about what you can prove. It’s not about the fantasy, it’s about dealing in reality, and consequences, and sometimes coming up against immovable objects.

Which means, ideas are easy. The job is synthesising ideas from all the talents, pulling them together into actionable plans and delivering against them with available resources and within the limits imposes by attention and, erm, physics.

Which means, inside your head, is the first word, not the last.

Skippy strategy: It’s more about what they think.