Every wondered what they’re thinking? Those times when you can’t fathom the reason for something, or the reason against something, or the reason for delaying on something, or the reason for pushing ahead against all, erm, reason – or at least, that’s the way you see it. Except, given the distance, between organisations or between layers or between world views, you can’t ask, so you sit there frustrated, exasperated, impatient, reluctant.

If it happens to you, it happens because of you too. Your people, your partners, your customers sit on their own sides of the table wondering the same thing. Why would you do what you’re doing, why won’t you, why the delay, why are you pushing so hard?

It doesn’t hurt to share.

It doesn’t hurt to say, this is what I see, this is what I’m thinking, what do you think?

Skippy strategy: Let them inside your thinking.