January 8, 2017

What we know


Sometimes, when you get deep into a project, you see more and more connections, and before you know anything for sure, every bone’s connected to every other bone. Poke here, it bulges over there. Try to pin this thing down, some other thing gets in the way.

If there’s one thing this thing isn’t … it’s simple.

Before you get stuck in quicksand, take the time to clarify.

Gather key players around the whiteboard with a peck of preparation, a bushel of biscuits and a barrel of warm beverage. Map the whole thing out.

The who, what, where, when, how and why. How they’re all connected. The dependencies. The motivations. The politics. The impactful details.

At the end … this is what we know.

Just getting it on a whiteboard will make things clearer, and simpler.

All that stuff now looks soluble.

Next step … what to do about it.

Skippy strategy: What do you know?