August 8, 2016

What you do


Call it Brand if you want to, our customers and colleagues think what they think of us not because of what we say. When they make their final assessment, it’s what we do that counts.

Times ten.

Sure, they’re interested in how we talk about ourselves.

Customers listen when we describe our products and services, our values and vision, our proposition and purpose.

Investors want to know what and how we think and that we’ve woven metrics and targets into commitments.

Staff pay attention when we talk about our culture and strategy and grand plans.

But the thing that really cuts it, that they all share deep down, that changes behaviours?

They want action.

Words are nice and everything. Lovely. They open doors.

But what wedges them open and lets us waltz on through … what matters … is what we do.

Skippy strategy: Do what you say you will do.