October 12, 2016

What’s working?

Heart rate

Anytime you like, you can take your pulse. It’s right down there, in touching distance, at the end of your arm. Very handy, and on occasion, very useful.

Bu-boom. Bu-boom. Bu-boom.

What about everything else?

Procurement, warehousing, inventory, production, logistics, sales, marketing, support, management, leadership, training, accounting? What’s working? What’s breaking or broken?

You can wander around and kick some times; maybe that’s an effective system. You can ask who you meet. You can build feedback loops, count the outputs, measure some metrics.

It’s a four-step process – create the process, collect the data, read the data, take action based on the data.

One and two are easy as calculating pi – impossible to go all the way, but every little helps.

Three and four are where you earn your keep – staying on top of things, and getting ahead.

Skippy strategy: What’s working? What needs to change?