January 29, 2018

When it shifts


The biggest reason people don’t do the job you want them to do … they don’t know what job you want them to do.

At the lower levels of an organisation that’s incredibly easy to fix. A straightforward and direct list of responsibilities and deliverables wrapped in your standard job description format. A little nudging, a little accountability, and that biggest reason is no longer an issue at all.

At senior levels it’s a bit more complicated. The responsibilities are broader, it’s more difficult to nail down to specifics, there is individual accountability. Ultimately, their job is to deliver against the strategy – and that demands an agreed plan that drives in the direction of a clear goal.

Your job description: clarify and articulate the plan (especially when it shifts), make sure everyone knows what their part is and how it contributes to the whole. Every day.

Skippy strategy: Articulate the plan.