December 29, 2016

When it’s broke


When it’s broke, you know you have to fix it.

It’s not an if?, it’s a when?

But there’s so many other things that need doing first. And you can tap dance around the break for(almost)ever.

Look, there’s this thing and this other thing and this other thing … they all really-really need doing right now. And that broken thing, you can tap-tap around it a bit longer. It doesn’t take too much time or waste too much energy or cause too many people too much extra effort and irritation. Does it?

It doesn’t mean you don’t care about the problem or the people. They know that, right? Tt just means you care more about other things.

That’s ok, isn’t it?


Ignoring fixable problems for expedience … shows everyone how to act.

You don’t care, they’ll learn not to either.

Skippy strategy: When it’s broke … fix it.