November 17, 2019

When the light fades


Sometimes, the way to do business is to put your hands behind your back and walk away. You’ve done everything you can to make this product, relationship, partnership, arrangement, system, process work … and it won’t. It’s a choice. Do you keep putting more effort and imagination into this thing, or not? Do you invest more time and attention, or put it somewhere else?

When you know, you know. Stop fighting it. The sun has truly set … walk away.

The alternative? Keep on keeping on. It may be the stoic’s choice, and maybe one time in fifty it pays off, but most times, and definitely this time, it’s the wrong way to go. Wrong because it’s a waste of time, wrong because you know it’s a waste of time, and wrong because if you carry on, nobody wins.

Skippy strategy: When the light fades, it’s time to go home.