June 4, 2021

When there’s trouble


When there’s trouble, when there’s an issue, when there’s a clear and obvious problem it’s at least an option to hide away, at least a little bit. Maybe some obfuscation, a bit of bluster, sweeping in the direction of a lifted carpet. Look the other way and throw in some blame-casting. None of which feel like smart choices but they certainly seem to be popular ones.

The alternative, the wise, professional, the grown-up alternative is to look the issue in the eye, work out what’s happening, take responsibility and deal with the reality you find. It might be more expensive, it might be painful and possibly a face-losing, but it’s the way to resolve the situation. On the way you’ll live up to your responsibilities, make things better and learn a bunch of lessons (including what it means when you take leadership seriously).

Skippy strategy: Deal with the issue.