November 10, 2016

When to ask why


Stuff happened. Why?

Stuff didn’t happen. Why?

Things went well. Why?

Thing went poorly. Why?

They said yes, or no, they’re choosing us, or not, they went left, or right, they called us, they didn’t. Why?

We should do it this way, or that way. We’re using steel, or aluminium. We didn’t give in, we conceded the point. We won the account, we lost it. We’re on the up, we’re down. Why?

There’s never a good time not to know why.

It’s fundamental.

The one question that sorts out the thinking.

It’s about motivations, reasons, rationalisations and tallying.

The answers build into everything we know and everything we do from today. It changes things. It makes a difference.

So always, whatever happens, no matter what, ask the why, and answer it.

And if you don’t, you better ask yourself why.

Skippy strategy: So, why did … ?