March 28, 2020

When you can’t


There are times, for good reasons and bad, that you can’t deliver your end of the bargain. Stuff happens, other people let you down, the world turns a little faster than normal and things move a little slower, they get stuck in customs, the universe conspires against you.

Whilst you get on with everything else on your to-do list, it’s easy to leave things hanging. 

Some will get on with something else, untroubled by a delay here or there. 

Other people, for good reasons and bad, will take your lack of delivery or lack of communications in ways you’d rather they didn’t. They’ll lose interest, walk away, focus on something more productive, tap their feet and build their resentment and pull out their personal Plan-B.

The answer, that phone call. That explanation. That keeping everyone in the loop. That taking responsibility.

Skippy strategy: Do your thing and tell people when you can’t.