November 19, 2016

Where you sit


Sitting in your office, you hear a subset of voices. Sit there every day, talk to the same people every day, hear the same perspectives every day.

You need more voices, ideas, inspiration, hardships and happinesses.

Get out of the office.

Go sit on the sales floor or customer service, listen to the stories, talk to the people who talk to the customers. Sit with customers yourself. Take some calls, take some meetings.

What about suppliers, or staff, or managers or partners or … ?

Go sit with them.

It’s difficult to ignore the opinions and ideas of the people you sit next to.

Every time you get out there, connect with new sources and viewpoints and concepts and reflections, you come back energised and inspired to make the next step forward.

Where you sit determines what you hear determines what happens next.

Skippy strategy: Sit down, ask, listen.