September 24, 2017

Whilst it’s fresh

How was that for you?

That thing you were working towards, the presentation, the performance, the pizazz. The thing you prepared for, and practiced for, and visualised, and lost sleep over.

How was that?

Did it go well, were you as prepared as you thought, did you have everything you needed? What was unexpected and how did you deal with it?

What about the rest of your team … how did they do? We’re they thoroughly briefed, did they (you) know what their job was and what was expected of them? Did it work out as planned?

What lessons can you learn? What could you do differently next time, what should you add to your standard deck of playing cards?

Now’s the time to review and write it down and learn and do something about it. Now’s the time to set up the next time. Now’s the time.

Skippy strategy: Review and change now, whilst it’s fresh.