April 5, 2024

Whilst we’re moaning


We all have things that bug us. Little and large. Things we have to do but don’t want to, things we know to do but can’t, things where we’re behind the curve, untidy thing, out-of-date systems, problem people, roles to fill, wasted or missing resources, things we habitually trip up over.

Stuff that makes our impact less than it can be.

And we moan about it.

But whilst we’re moaning, we’re not doing anything to sort it out.

So the obvious step is to deal with the issue. Fix it. Outsource or delegate, put resources in place, exorcise the problems, build the systems that eliminate tripping.

Which takes time and might take money. Which you might not have. In which case … get over it. Stop moaning about it. Accept it as reality for now, plan to fix it, follow through when you can.

Skippy strategy: No moaning; accepting or fixing.