February 29, 2016

Who benefits?


There are plenty of things that seem like a good idea. Everyone says they’re a good idea. All the books say they’re a good idea. Advisers advise they’re a good idea. They must be a good idea. Absolutely!

Unless they’re not.

Like when they serve the bureaucracy rather than the business.

Like financial models that are designed by accountants for accountants and are brilliant at looking in the rear view mirror but have nothing to do with making actual decisions in an actual business.

Like annual appraisals that are designed as fifteen sheets of tick-box exercises – to cover every single base, so everyone can say they’ve been done properly – but manage to avoid any day-to-day usefulness and only serve to allow HR managers to justify their HR budget.

When it feels more bureaucratic than useful – it probably is.

Skippy strategy: Ask, who benefits? If it’s the business, dig in.