July 18, 2017

Why now?


Bring something new to the world, you’ll meet resistance. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a shiny new product, an idea to change the world, or just an updated process for the departmental playbook.

You can handle it.

With good grace a little luck you answer the What and the Why of the change and everyone sees the merits, even if it takes a little chewing down on detail to see the real value.

You’re nearly there. There’s one more question you need to face down. The one that stands in the way, that means the difference between nice idea and something they’ll actually do something about … why now?

Why is now the time to abandon the status quo, deal with the distractions and lost opportunities whilst they make the change and before they get the benefit?

Without the why now, they’ll always choose tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Let them know why now.