July 10, 2018

Wide field view


You generate a lot of data. Some of it reads like an open book and everybody who glances in its general direction gets the story. Or at least that’s what you think. But before you jump to conclusions, check out the wide-field view. The reality? Data is difficult to interpret without context and a guide.

Even the seemingly obvious – like sales revenue – is subject to swathes of interpretation. This deal and that deal, timing accelerators and breaks, new relationships about to burgeon. The pipeline, the churn rate, conversions. Supplier snafus, work in progress gateways, shipping hold ups.

The data tells a story, absolutely. It’s definitive. The actual facts. But it’s needs context so you can see where and how it came to be, and a guide to highlight where it points. Then the debate really starts … what does this mean?

Skippy strategy: Contextualise before jump to conclusions.