May 30, 2020

Willing customers


Our job is not to sell things to people who neither want nor care about them. Other people will do that. Other people will convince the reluctant and mop up the regretful. Other people will jam their foot in doors, overwhelm with argument, use scarcity and time pressure and every other trick to get signatures on lines and cash in pockets.

That’s not for us.

Our job is to help those with a need to make a decision they’re happy to stand behind. If that takes longer, goes the other way, points them in a different direction, that’s the way it is.

Our job is to stand happily behind our own decisions about quality and features and perfomance and price – confident that we’ve built products and services that offer a significant value. Our job is to help people buy, not to sell.

Skippy strategy: Help willing customers to be happy.