March 20, 2024

With the interested


It’s possible, I suppose, that you could sell your product to someone who doesn’t need it or want it. With some magic words and just the right tone, a compelling price and attractive incentive, maybe with a little celebrity endorsement and some don’t-miss-it time-pressure. It’s possible; selling as fairground attraction, where the gullible and unwary walk away with a potent potato peeler as their prize.

Nobody wants that.

More likely, you’ll sell to someone who knows they have a need, is dissatisfied with their current way of doing things and is actively looking for a better solution. Someone who’s put solving the issue towards the top of their to do list. Someone who can benefit and wants to benefit from the thing your selling.

The game isn’t to break through their shell.

It’s to find that someone and help them connect the dots.

Skippy strategy: Work with the interested.