November 3, 2021

Without balance


It’s an exchange. If you’re on the service or product side, you provide the benefits of your process and the other side pays in whatever currency is agreed – which could be cash, but might also be some kind of reciprocal product or service or process. Typically, between supplier and customer the currency is exclusively cash, but not always, and if the two sides are inside an organisation, the currency is almost always reciprocity, but not always.

The balance of value is crucial. If one side feels like it’s picking up the fuzzy end of the lollipop, there are bound to be some unhappy faces at the table. And unhappy breeds disgruntled breeds resentment breeds break down.

Inside the walls of an organisation, lack of balance turns into politics.

Outside the walls, someone ends up walking away.

Skippy strategy: Without balance, it’s always going to be difficult.