August 9, 2020

Work first on the why


It’s easy to get so obsessed in the mechanics of a thing – of the how and the when and the where and the who of actually doing it – that you forget to spend the time working out whether it’s a good idea in the first place, and if it is, why that’s true and what value it will bring.

The reason? Mechanics are concrete. They involve actual things that can be prodded and poked and planned and pushed into action. They can be organised and brought to order. They can be move from the to-do column to the done column.

The why though, is intangible. It’s looser, more complex, involves opinions and positions and weighed arguments that can bend with the wind.

So it’s harder … and is harder to focus on … which means it’s real work, and why it falls to you.

Skippy strategy: Work first on the why.