October 13, 2021

Working on faith


So much, so very much, comes down to communications.

We need a clear as possible understanding of what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re going to go about it. Without that, without clarity, we’re wallowing in muddy objectives and lost in the dark on the route to follow.

We need a simple method of keeping each other updated on how we’re doing. Where we are on the path, the obstacles we’ve come across and the choices we’ve made to overcome them. Without that, we’re seventeenth century speculators worrying if our ship is lost at sea.

We need an unmistakable system of red flags to alert us when we need to mitigate for risk or start other rabbits running. Without that, we’re working on faith that everything will turn out fine – and faith isn’t a plan we can build on.

Skippy strategy: Set up clear communications, and use them.