December 12, 2021

Worth it


It all starts with a great product.

It may not be all about the product. It’s the alchemy of product and people and vision and passion and planning and production, of staying true to the idea but being flexible on route (and maybe destination). It’s definitely about follow through, about doing what you say you’re going to do, on finishing your curves, about the bigger picture and attention to detail. It takes a team and a community and the countless hoard who kinda get it even when they can’t see it.

All that, but it’s definitely about pouring all that vision and passion and stick-to-it-ness into creating a great product or service.

After that, it’s still hard, there are still obstacles and unbelievers and vested interests and up hill struggles. But now you know, and they know, it’s worth it.

Skippy strategy: A great product or service is the source of confidence.