March 23, 2018

Wriggle, re-work


Everything takes time, probably longer than you’d like.

There’s the best case scenario – when everything sings. The first idea is workable, manageable and does the job beautifully. No hiccups, no cul de sacs. Let’s call it The Dream – and let’s not commit to that.

There’s the natural time frame – how long it takes if things just go well. When Tab A fits nicely in to Slot B, where there are relatively few blind alleys and nobody goes walkabout or get’s lost in the long grass. Let’s call it Making Good Time – we can hope.

Finally, there’s what happens most of the time – Tab A won’t fit, wriggle, re-work, get frustrated, wriggle some more. Let’s call it Finding a Way – build the plan here.

Don’t waste time on The Dream.

Plan for Finding a Way and hope for Making Good Time.

Skippy strategy: What really matters … keep moving forward.