December 14, 2016

Yesterday’s fix

Window cleaners

Last week, last year, yesterday … you pulled out all the stops. You swept away the show stopper and the indeterminate sized lady belted out her aria. You were … amazing. Everyone said so. The day was saved.

Today … the world has turned a click, and nobody’s interested in yesterday’s news. It’s over. They said thank you and they moved on, paying attention to the things they care about now, like everything they have on their plate today and what’s looming over tomorrow. You earned a little credit, sure, and it will last, just about ten minutes longer than the moment they think they need something from you again. You better be ready.

It might not be fair. It might not be how you do things. But nobody cares about yesterday’s fix. They’re over it.

What they care about … what you’re do for them today.

Skippy strategy: Today is more important than yesterday.