April 17, 2019

You could ask


Too many times we’re given feedback that immediately feels like we don’t know what they’re saying. It’s like the difference between a Net Promoter score and an actual conversation with someone who cares. Sure, it’s good to know it was a job well done, or not. And an eight is definitely better than a seven, a big order better than a small one, a hefty bonus tops no bonus. Thank you.

But, especially when the stakes are higher and the next step is dependent on the last one … we want to know more. The specifics of what was good and not so good. The why of the thing. A clear idea in the middle of the thicket.

Confident person that you are, you could ask. You know, put it out there that you actually care. That you really want to know.

Skippy strategy: When you want to know, ask.