May 5, 2021

You should ask


When you ask someone to do something for you, you either hand over a step-by-step they should follow to do things exactly as you want, or you delegate the authority so they have the freedom to do it the way they want. Sure, you can talk them through your thinking, your normal practice, give recommendations, but after that point – unless you’re an over-the-shoulder micro-manager or they’re inclined to ask for help – they should pretty much be off and running.

Assuming you’ve chosen your help wisely, all should be good with the world.

What happens next? You could get on with the rest of your day/month/year and assume everything went as well as you hoped. Or you could ask; hold them accountable to the instruction or the outcome. Living on assumptions means you probably don’t care, accountability means you do.

Skippy strategy: If you care, you should ask.